StoryCorps OutLoud


When I’m not cooking or eating (or writing about cooking and eating), I’m a Producer at StoryCorps. For the past year I’ve been producing NPR broadcasts for our special initiatives including OutLoud—which records interviews with LGBTQ communities across the country. I’ve had the honor of meeting some amazing, fierce people who’ve taught me so much. Here are a few of those people:



“I was worried that you liked me as a girl.”

Gabe López, assigned female at birth, always felt like he was a boy. He came to StoryCorps with his mom to talk about growing up transgender.



It would have been so hard on you if we had lived our life in the open.”

Together since 1971, Dick Titus and Zeek Taylor came to StoryCorps to discuss the lengths they went to while keeping their relationship secret.



“The fact is that he couldn’t be who he wanted to be back then.”

Sisters from Wisconsin recount what it was like to find out both of their parents had AIDS, and to lose them both to the disease in the early 1990s.



StoryCorps 443: The Saint of Dry Creek

Three stories from OutLoud, our initiative to collect stories in the LGBTQ community, about what happens when someone comes out—or doesn’t.



“In high school when I first started wearing make-up, my family didn’t notice.”

Kiyan Williams (R) talks with friend Darnell Moore (L) about growing up queer in Newark, New Jersey during the 1990s.