Announcing “Coconuts and Collards: Recipes and Stories from Puerto Rico to the Deep South”

My three-year journey exploring Puerto Rican heritage and cuisine Julie-and-Julia-style through the cookbook “Cocina Criolla” has taken lots of different forms—from videos to radio to personal essays, and even a TEDx talk. This process of discovery led to my forthcoming book, tentatively titled “Gordita: Craving Puerto Rico.”


“Coconuts and Collards” will be a collection of stories and a fresh look at Puerto Rican food.  My goal is to use storytelling and recipes to explore the colonial and contemporary history of the island, the ongoing cultural exchange between Puerto Rico and the mainland, and ways that Puerto Ricans are reclaiming identity today.

I’m thrilled and honored by this opportunity, and excited to share the journey! Follow me on Instagram (@cocinacriolla), Twitter (@vondiaz), and  Facebook for updates as I write and cook my way through this book.